Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Along the Konkan Coast - Part 3

Two days of seascape photography. Was I bored yet? Hell, no! I had shot close to 400 pics but I still did not have a picture which I was fully proud of. There was always something amiss. This was the last leg of my trip and my last chance (for some time at least) to capture something great.

Day 3 - Kapu Beach & Surathkal Beach
Gear - Canon EOS 550D, Canon 10-22mm, Hoya ND400

I took the train from Gokarna to Udupi. From there, I took a bus to Kapu (or Kaup as the Brits called it). Spent the night at a guest house and left early morning to the beach in hopes of taking some decent pictures before the light became harsh.

Seascapes at Kapu Beach

Seascape from Kaup

Seascape at Kapu BeachSeascape at Kapu Beach

Around noon, took a bus from Kapu to Surathkal. The plan was to reach there by sunset (yep, for that elusive sunset shot).

Seascapes at Surathkal Beach

Seascape from Suratkal
Seascape from Suratkal
Seascape from Suratkal

Once again, threats of rain cut my session short at the Surathkal Beach. I had rushed to the bus stand to get a bus to Mangalore, from where I had to take my bus back home.

Overall, I'd say it was a satisfactory trip. I enjoyed my time alone with the rig. I was without any annoyances or anyone to rush me (except the weather, of course) and I managed to get half-decent pictures. But, after all this, I'm still looking for that great elusive sunset seascape shot. Someday..... someday for sure ...


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